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This is probably my last post until I hit land again. We should arrive in Tampa in about 6 hours or so.

All our sessions have been concluded and we’re all preparing to pack up and disembark in the morning. This isn’t to say that discussion is over, nor are we done posting here. A few pictures are probably in order, and there are topics to follow up on. Of course being reminded that we are ambassadors to the King will ensure a lasting impact of this conference as we engage our small world and our local churches with what we’ve been blessed to receive.

The 2007 Alpha & Omega cruise is only 11 months away, and there is even more to look forward to, and though the cruise itself will be shorter, the training will be more intense.

More people to thank than a few: The fine folks at Sovereign Cruises for putting this together, for all the gentlemen who gave of their time to teach from the Word of God, for all the gracious brethren whose sweet fellowship will be savored, and for Marie and Laura for contributing to this blog.

Stay tuned, and God bless!