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The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the events as they happen during the 2006 Alpha & Omega Pulpit Crimes Conference and Cruise.

How have crimes been committed in the pulpit? The doctrines of sin and repentance have been neglected, entertainment is preferred over substance, fear of men reigns when the Scriptures are tread lightly so that no one is offended, or certain Scriptures are avoided altogether. What ends up being taught is not the whole counsel of God, even worse, it results in a gross mishandling of God's Holy and infaillible Word.

How can we recognize it? What do we do about it? Who suffers?

May His Word be proclaimed clearly -- without compromise and without shame in the pulpits of our churches, and may Christ reign over His body.

God alone be glorified during this conference and cruise. Join us here for the live team blog fest beginning November 2!


I wonder if I should do "live cartooning" of the event...ala courtroom sketches...

angelz - yes, you definitely should!!! =)

Hey guys. Thanks for doing this. Could I make one suggestion. The blog template you've chosen (with the grey text on black) is difficult to read. I just went through this with my son as he chose this same template for his blog. Could you change the font color to white to make it easier on the eye? I'd be happy to give you the very small bit of code to put in your template script to make that happen.

I look forward you following the debates and presentations.


I very much look forward to this conference...via blog!

Thanks for doing this...you have big shoes to fill (e.g. Tim Challies) Just jokin'

Awesome, thanks guys! I've got my popcorn, my bible and e-sword fired up. Can't wait to catch some of those pearls.

Praying for the powerhouse duo of White and Ascol, that this debate be used mightily of the Lord!

God bless,
Jonathan aka "Spiritus"

Please put pictures as well.

What about Youtube? anyone going to post it there?=)

Wow, I'm loving this...
I like your blog's look!
And that's an idea...how about having it on Youtube like Andrew C above suggested

mmm... popcorn

Looking forward to reports from the conference. Sure wish I were there!

"Carla" in the channel - just so there's no confusion.





Thanks for the blog, fellas. Keep Doc in line.


Just a quick note about opening night. David King preached up a Firestorm. His presentation was most excellent. His closing remarks were TODAY if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts but REPENT and believe. This was followed by Dr.s White and Ascol conducting the debate that never happened. An interaction with the sermons preached recently by both Caner brothers. This was also most excellent, particularly Dr. Ascol's brief account of Baptists in America.

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