Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the events as they happen during the 2006 Alpha & Omega Pulpit Crimes Conference and Cruise.

How have crimes been committed in the pulpit? The doctrines of sin and repentance have been neglected, entertainment is preferred over substance, fear of men reigns when the Scriptures are tread lightly so that no one is offended, or certain Scriptures are avoided altogether. What ends up being taught is not the whole counsel of God, even worse, it results in a gross mishandling of God's Holy and infaillible Word.

How can we recognize it? What do we do about it? Who suffers?

May His Word be proclaimed clearly -- without compromise and without shame in the pulpits of our churches, and may Christ reign over His body.

God alone be glorified during this conference and cruise. Join us here for the live team blog fest beginning November 2!